Friday, February 17, 2012


On Friday February 10, 2012 me and my boyfriend decided to watching movie, Chronicle. After we finished, we ate at A&W and took some pictures. Here we go!

OK ! That's it! See you again~ (*´ェ`*)…♥

Thursday, February 2, 2012

How Do I Apply Eyeliner on My Eyes

I`m gonna show you how do I put my eyeliner on my eyes. So, let`s get started =D
I`m using Maybelline gel eyeliner

And then add white shimmery eye shadow on your waterline. Last, apply mascara on your eyelashes. And voila !

For circle lens I`m using Geo Mimi Cafe Cappucino Red. Gotta go ! Byebye~ ♡

Finally ! I'M GOING OUT ! (ノ´▽`)ノ

Fiuh~ As you read my tittle, finally I was able to going out yesterday and met my friends at school. YIPPIIIIEEE !! At school I had something to do. School requirement ( ̄* ̄ ) OK ! Skip that part. After that my friends and I decided to hang out, so we went to one of a well-known mall in our city. We had a great time, laughed, talked about those time while we were still together with other friends.

This is how do I look yesterday ヽ(*'0'*)ツ

OH ! I bought a clothes, its a cardigan. I was willing to buy a jumpsuits, but then I found this cute cardigan ㅋㅋㅋ