Saturday, August 31, 2013

Repost : How To Overbear Oily Skin and Reduce Pimple

As we know tomatoes benefit for skin and beauty of our face. Why tomatoes?? Because tomatoes are cheap and very easy to get =D Tomato has many benefits including preventing blood clotting, conquer fatigue, liver function disturbances balance, reducing the risk of prostate cancer and the antioxidant lycopene can reduce the risk of wrinkles, dark spots, cancer and cardiovascular disorders.

✦ How to overbear oily skin

ლ Tools:
2 Fresh tomatoes

ლ How to do it:
Shatter 2 fresh tomatoes into blender. When its done, pour into bowl. Apply it on your face with brush/painbrush. Remember, DON'T apply around your eyes. Let it for 15-20 minutes then rinse with warm water.

✦ How to reduce pimples

Cut tomato into pieces and then rub it to the pimple on your face. Do it for 1 month, that ugly pimples will be reduced and disappear from your face (〃^▽^〃)

I already tried it and it WORKED !! Hope this helps you, girls! \(●ˬ●) ohoho

XoXo ♥