Friday, March 16, 2012

Know Your Makeup Brushes: Eyes

Knowing where to start and what tool to use is the first part of your battle with beauty. So what do you do when you’re faced with an array of makeup brushes that look like they all serve the same purpose? Here’s how to know which is which for applying eye makeup.

Quick tips before you buy (or use):
• The finer the brush, the sharper the lines.
• Dense hairs mean more concentration of pigment (or the brush can hold more colour).
• Synthetic brushes can be used with any texture (i.e., creams or powders).
• Natural hairbrushes last longer when used with powder products only.

Eye Brushes 101

• Sponge-tip is best for applying rich loose pigments, glitter, or concentrated colour onto a specific area.

• Flat shadow Apply colour from the flat side onto larger areas of the eyelid to the brow bone; the edge can be used to create a sharp, socket-like contour or as a soft liner at the lash line. This brush comes in various sizes.

• Dome is for diffused pigment applications or a soft, blended contour. The smallest dome is great for a soft blend under the eye for that smoky effect, while a medium dome is ideal for contouring near the eye socket. A larger dome is good for blending.

• Precision tip is a small shadow brush with a point tip that’s also known as a pencil tip brush. Aside from creating soft smudges on the lash line, it also works to give you a dramatic smoky eye. Also apply a highlighter to the inner corners.

• Flat liner is made with firm bristles that taper to a flat line for the exact placement of powder or gel eyeliners. Press into the lash line for a delicate line that defines.

• Angled Used to fill in brows, this can also be used for eyeliner.

Bonus Tips!
• Lightly dampen your brush when working with pigments or using eyeshadow as a liner.
• Wash brushes with a gentle shampoo using tepid water, aiming water away from the handle towards the brush hairs. Do not use oils on natural hairs as the oil will wreck your brushes.

Enjoy~ Toodles♪

Friday, March 2, 2012

7 Habits That Can Damage Hair

✦ Too often tying your hair

✦ Torture hair with a hair dryer

✦ Change the texture of hair

✦ Too often washing your hair

✦ Using the wrong comb

✦ Skip your hair treatment

✦ Too much use chemicals product