Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Outfit #4

Back here~~
4th outfit is out people ^^
In case if you wanna look mature or a lil' bit neat you can try these outfits ♥

Easter Outfit #4

Ok that's it! Wait for the last outfit for Easter Day..
See yaa~~


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Outfit #3

Easter Outfit #2

Heyoo~ 2nd look for Easter outfit..
Take a look aand~ hope you like it ♥

Easter Outfit #2

◘ ♥♥ ◘

Easter Outfit #1

Easter is comiinngg~
I wanna give you 5 outfits for your Easter Day that will make you pretty. Because every girl wanna look pretty, right?? ♥

So without any further do, here it is the 1st outfit.....

Happy Easter!

Hope you look it my outfit idea and wait for my next outfit...


Taylor Swift Looks

Untitled #7

Rut Circle black shirt
$38 -

Forte Forte blue jacket
$260 -

Mango slit legging
$33 -

Narciso Rodriguez shorts

Brown boots
$25 -

Office grey boots
$125 -

Sperry Top-Sider ankle boots

Boohoo bowler hat