Sunday, June 8, 2014


Hello girls! I'm back to review a circle lens that I bought 2 days ago. I bought two circle lenses : Fale Summer Violet (the one that I reviewing now) and Eos Fay Blue. Entah kenapa kalo mau ngereview circle lens pasti selalu excited bgt =D

OK! Let's get started (:

And Happy Sunday, people!

 Fale Summer Violet + Eos Fay Blue


Boxnya sangat menarik menurutku =D

 Detail/pattern Fale Summer Violet

                                                                                           Is it Violet or Pink??


Lov, love, love the detail so much ♥

DIA : 18.00 mm
COLOR : Violet/Pink
W.C : 50%
B.C : 8.60
Origin : Korea

  • Color & Design
          Love the color and design although it makes me confused, karena disitu tertulis VIOLET not PINK color. Tapi kalo diliat warnanya pink, setelah diaplikasikan ke mataku sayangnya warna pinknya ga begitu terlihat jelas (agak kecewa sih, kalo diliat di gambar pinknya lumayan terang) but overall I ♥ it =D It very suites for summer time ♥

  • Enlargement
          REALLY BIG ♥♥♥♥

  • Comfort
          They are really thin!! They didn't make my eyes irritated for 8 hours and I swear I can't felt them in my eyes. LOVE this baby so much ♥

If you want to have an unique eyes definitely you can choose this one or maybe if you want to try another color they have 4 colors that will make you attracted

Fale Summer Violet by Cling Lensholics
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Bonus pics from meehhh~~~

See you on my next review guuuyysss~~ buhbaaiiii
dian ♥